Internet Marketing Blogs

If you’re looking for legitimate ways to make money online, you might want to consider the role Internet marketing blogs play in many successful web businesses.

A blog, which is short for weblog, is an online journal. Pretty much anybody with an Internet connection can start one.

Not all blogs make money. In fact, most blogs are not even meant to make money. They exist because the person who started it wanted to have a place to air his views on a particular subject or perhaps a variety of subjects.

But some blogs are moneymakers. They earn income for the owner because they promote products or services or they bring in advertising revenue.

In either case a blog needs to have readers before it can be profitable. The readers have to buy what it’s promoting or need to click on the ads showing on its pages.

There are multiple ways to get traffic. We won’t go into specific strategies, but here are some general guidelines that will help attract and keep readers.

First, provide good information with a personal touch.

You want the readers to be interested enough in the content that they’ll come back for more. Repeat visitors are the lifeline of your site. If they keep coming back, eventually they’ll buy something or click on an ad.

Talk about how issues relate to you and your life. Let your readers inside your life. Share how you feel about the subject at hand.

I see this happening a lot at one of my favorite blogs about Internet marketing. In this post at Wealthy Affiliate University, Marcus discusses how thinking about the person behind the keywords helped his business.

Second, promote discussion.

You’re looking for conversation. You want interaction between you and your readers and among your readers.

You don’t want to be talking to your readers. You want to be talking with them.

Notice how Marcus relates to his readers in the post about keywords.

Third, focus on a subject you love.

You need to feel strongly about the focus of your blog. You should share your opinions about the issues with your readers.

The readers should see you as something of an expert. You want them to know that you know what you’re talking about.

Internet marketing blogs aren’t usually an Internet cash register, but if they’re done right they can help your business become profitable.