Sales funnel

You won’t be successful as an Internet marketer until you understand the sales funnel. Although it’s only a concept and not an actual funnel, it can serve as one of your most effective Internet marketing tool.

The sales funnel describes the process people go through as they make the decision to buy something.  A large number of people enter the funnel at the wide mouth of the funnel, with the number getting smaller until a few make a purchase at the narrow end.

In many respects, the method is a numbers games. You have to expose your marketing efforts to a lot of people in order to get some of them to become a customer.

The first step of the sales funnel is the initial exposure. You can accomplish this a number of ways. One of the most popular in Internet marketing is article writing.

You write articles with valuable content and submit them to article directories that have high search engine rankings. The goal is to get a high number of people to read your article and click a link that goes to your website.

Your website can be seen as the next part of the sale funnel. There people get more information that is relevant to the subject that interests them.

The objective is to provide the readers with enough helpful information to entice them to buy something that will help them even more. If they are so inclined, they go to a sales page, which represents the final and narrowest part of the sales funnel.

There are other examples of the sales funnel process. For example, you could start one by launching an advertising campaign whereby you pay each time someone clicks on a link that goes to your website.

You could also try to attract people through e-mail marketing or other forms of advertising.

In each case, the procedure calls for introducing your product or service to a large number of people so a percentage of them will purchase it.

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