Make a Money-Making Web Page – Why Use WordPress?

Many Internet Marketers are asking, “Why use WordPress?” The answer: because it’s the simplest way to make a money-making web page.

WordPress has been around for quite a while. It has been used primarily to make blogs, but more and more online marketers are finding out the advantages of using it to make a website.

Search engines treat WordPress sites favorably. Matt Cutts, the head of the Web Spam Team at Google, said at a conference last year that WordPress takes care of 80 to 90 percent of the mechanics needed for search engine optimization (SEO).

“Wordpress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues,” Cutts said.

Proper SEO makes it easy for the search engines to find your site. Why not make your web site using a tool that already has most of those issues covered.

Scott Jason at SiteProNews says WordPress makes SEO “quick, cheap and easy.”

“Google has a thing for dynamic content and lots of it. And it doesn’t get much better than WordPress when it comes to making Google happy,” Jason said. “You don’t have to know a lot about SEO because WordPress sets you up to naturally take advantage of what Google likes.”

WordPress also lets you build a website for long term success.

Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, points out that Internet Marketing has changed over the past few years. Now you need a website and how you create that website matters.

To create a successful website, Kyle suggests looking at your site through the eyes of the people to whom you are marketing.

“If you visit your site through a ‘visitors’ eyes and you like the experience you are receiving, then chances are Google will like it too,” he said. “Be honest with yourself … or better yet, get a friend or family member to review your site for you.”

Kyle recommends building your site for people, not search engines.

“To build these “PEOPLE” sites, sites that will last, sites that will succeed, and sites that will have longevity I would recommend nothing else than WordPress,” he said. “WordPress sites are great because they follow the RULES that make a site good for SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Articles, and ultimately appeal to Google.”

Make a website with WordPress can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done that type of thing before. Fortunately, there are ways of simplifying the process.

Kyle spent an hour setting up and creating content for a WordPress site that got more than 10 natural search listings. He used a tool called WordPress Express.

“An absolute newbie could set something like this up using WordPress Express, our latest and greatest system included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership,” he said. “Once you have that site in place that Google will adore, the sky is the limit.”

If you want to make a money-making web page, don’t ask, “Why use WordPress?” Instead ask yourself why you’d want to use anything else.

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