Which Keywords Get Traffic?

If you are trying to make money on the Internet, you need to know which keywords get traffic.

Which Keywords Get TrafficMany Internet marketers struggle trying to learn how to find keywords, which are phrases that people type into search engines.

If you’re trying to earn money online, you want to find profitable keywords. You are wasting precious time and resources unless you are finding keywords that get traffic.

Which Keywords Get Traffic You Need?

So, which keywords get traffic? What are the search terms that are most likely to cause people to click on your link and visit your website?

First, the keywords that get traffic are usually those that are typed into a search engine many, many times by someone looking for a solution to a problem or an answer to a question.

Second, keywords get traffic when your page ranks high in the search engine. The higher the better, and if you’re not on the first page, you might as well be on the 99th page, because hardly anyone will see the link to your website.

So, how do we find the phrases that are likely to meet those two criteria?

Which Keywords Get Traffic That Makes You Money?

Getting the first takes only some thought on your part. Here’s how I find profitable keywords.

I write (or sometimes just think about) a list of words related to the subject that I am focusing on. If needed, I read articles or watch videos on the matter.

Then, I think about a solution to a problem or an answer to a question related to those words and that subject. Most likely, some variation of that problem and solution or question and answer will be my keyword.

This phrase will most likely end up being what is known as a long tail keyword, which are just keywords with multiple words. Once you’ve come up with the search term that fits the problem or question, you know how to find long tail keywords.

It’s important to note that the article or blog post that I write will solve the problem or answer the question. After all, what good is traffic if it doesn’t result in sales. (If you want to learn more about writing articles, check out our free article guide on the right side of this page.)

Finding search terms that meet the second criteria – ranking high in the search engines – requires a tool that helps you discover which keywords get traffic. The best keyword tool is one that helps you find those phrases.

Which Keywords Get Traffic From High Search Rankings?

I have found that the best keyword tools have at least four functions.

1. They tell you how many times a phrase is searched each month.
2. They tell you how much traffic you can expect to get if you land on the first page of the search engine rankings.
3. They tell you on the number of web pages that include the exact phrase.
4. They tell you if the domain name that includes your keyword is available.

So, if you want to find the best keyword tool, find one with those characteristics. You should know that you can find keywords free if you’re willing to do a little extra work.

For example, Google gives you a way to find out how many times a particular term is searched per month. Here’s a link to it’s tool. With a little effort and research you can figure out about how many visitors you would get from Google’s data.

Finding the number of web pages with the exact phrase is a little trickier. You can search with the phrase in quote marks, but the number is usually not accurate. You have to go to end of the pages to find the real number. The best way to do this is to change your settings to show you 100 pages at a time and keep going till you get to last page. If there’s more than 500 pages, it will be difficult to make it to the first page of the search engine rankings.

You can find out if a domain is available by going to a domain retailer such as GoDaddy and searching for it.

That’s the way I used to find profitable keywords. The problem was all the time it was taking me to discover keywords that get traffic.

Which Keywords Get Traffic From The Best Keyword Tool?

I decided that it was better for me to spend a little money for a keyword tool and spend my time on other matters. First, I spent about $100 on a pretty good tool. It met all four criteria and served its purpose well.

Then I discovered Jaaxy. It is by far the best keyword tool I have found. It has all four characteristics so it saves me time and helps me make money.

Jaaxy has even more features. It shows you whether the term is ranked in major article directories and video sites. It gives you details about the sites that are ranking high for your keyword. It will even show you affiliate programs related to your search phrase.

Jaaxy is simple to use. It gives me all the information I need in a matter of seconds.

Here’s a video demonstration of how you can use it to find keywords that get traffic in less than two minutes.

Now, when I want to know which keywords get traffic, I know where to find the answer.

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