What Are Marketing Strategies For the Internet?

What Are Marketing Strategies?The other day, I heard a presentation that caused a question to pop into my head. The question was this: What are marketing strategies for the Internet?


Oddly enough, the presentation had nothing to do with Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, web-based marketing, how to make money online, how to earn income on the Internet or anything like that. Instead, the speech was about education.


Part of the talk centered on a school system that had gone from struggling to succeeding. When I was thinking about it later, I realized that many Internet marketers are a lot like that school system.


The leadership of those schools had adopted three simple statements to guide them. It was those statements that made me think, “What are marketing strategies for the Internet?”


The statements were: “Hope is not a strategy,” “Never blame the kids,” and “It’s all about learning.”


Obviously, the first statement was the one that made me think about marketing strategies for the Internet marketers and affiliate marketers who are struggling to make money. When you’re avoiding enemies of Internet marketing, you need more than just hope.


Indeed, many times in my Internet marketing career, I’ve almost treated hope as a strategy. Instead of learning from people who are already successful, I’ve tried to find the path to success on my own. I thought I could figure out how to make money online without any help. I was wrong. Very wrong.


There have also been times when I’ve blamed other people. I’ve tried to make excuses to cover my lack of success. Instead of taking responsibility, I made up reasons for why I wasn’t making any money.


I’ve come to believe that success only come to those who are accept responsibility for their current situation, whatever that is. Once you assume that role, then you can start finding the way to change what needs to be changed. You can answer for yourself, the question, “What are marketing strategies for the Internet?” and know that you have the key to the door of accomplishment. You’ll be thinking up ways to make extra cash time and time again.


In the end, Internet marketing is all about learning. You learn from people who are more successful that you. You find those who have taken the path you want to take and you follow their footsteps.


One of my favorite quotes by personal development philosopher Jim Rohn is, “If you don’t like where you are, change it! You’re not a tree.”


So, do you want to know how I answer the question, “What are marketing strategies for the Internet?” Don’t just hope. Take action. Don’t blame. Take responsibility. And don’t just read. Learn.


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  1. Henry says:

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