Video Marketing for Newbies

Video Marketing For NewbiesMany Internet marketers without much experience need a video marketing for newbies course to teach them about one of the best sources of online income. It might even help some with a lot of experience.


Here are a few guidelines for learning about video marketing.


First, learn from someone who has been where you are and made it to where you want to be.


You want to be taught by someone who started using videos to market products without much know-how and went on to great success.


Second, learn a system with demonstrated success.


You want a step-by-step process in video marketing for newbies. You don’t want complicated, roundabout strategies or tactics that are so complex that nobody can duplicate them.


Third, learn techniques that will help you connect with viewers of your videos.


You want to know more than just the technical aspects of marketing with videos. You need to quickly become a friend to people and a trusted expert in your niche.


Knowing all this will add valuable tools to your Internet Marketing toolbox. It might even help you as much as search engine optimization tutorials or a social media strategy template.


I got some excellent info about all this in a recent training. As a total newbie, Russ Ruffino was able to bring in more than $76,000 in FOUR short months. He used simple 10-minute videos that anybody can create.


During the free training, Russ demonstrated principles that can be used in any online business to make big conversions. And he showed us how to make visitors hang on every word we say. I learned more about video marketing in 60 minutes than I knew from my previous 13 months of Internet marketing experience.


You can watch the training here.


If you want to learn about the fastest growing segment online, this is video marketing for newbies to the nth degree. This information will keep you on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing.


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