How to Use Twitter for Marketing Internet Strategy

how to use twitter for marketingThese days, if you want your business to make money, you better have to have an Internet strategy. If you’re smart that strategy will include a plan on how to use Twitter for marketing.


Twitter is a great way to connect with people who share similar interests. If you know what you’re doing you can find a lot of potential clients and customers for your business.


One of the great things about Twitter and other forms of social media is the ability they give you to interact with people who might be interested in your products or services. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, you can engage people who are looking for what you offer.


On Twitter, you follow people, which means you get to read what they are saying. People can also follow you and read what your say.


Be advised, however, that social networks do not react well to traditional advertising methods. Tweets are not commercials. If you think of them that way you won’t be very successful.


This applies to affiliate marketers and other Internet marketers as well as traditional businesses that are looking for an online presence.


Here are a few Twitter tips that will help you formulate your Internet strategy.


Tip number one on how to use Twitter for marketing is to be yourself. Social media networks are made for real people so act like a real person.


One good rule is to treat people who follow you the way you’d treat them if you met them face to face. You don’t make every conversation about what you’re trying to sell, so don’t make every tweet about it either.


Most Twitter users can spot a spammer in a second. If they view you that way, they won’t pay much attention to you. Most likely, they will “unfollow” you in short order.


Another great benefit of being yourself is you never have to remember how you are. If you try to come off as an expert when you’re not, you’re going to get found out sooner or later.


The second suggestion on how to use Twitter for marketing is to interact with people. Think of it as a great place to meet people. Join in the conversation, but remember that it is a conversation, not a broadcast medium.


One good way to start a conversation is to ask a question. The best types of questions to ask are questions that make your followers think.


It’s OK if the questions are related to your business, but don’t make it to obvious. If you owned a tire store, you wouldn’t immediately ask somebody, “What types of tires do you have on your car?” right after you met them.


Another good way to get involved with people is to answer questions that people you are following ask.


The third tip on how to use Twitter for marketing is to help people more than you market to them. When you provide value to people they appreciate it.


One way I try to do this is to give tips on Twitter. A lot of people just forming their social media marketing strategy like to have advice as they navigate their way through a new arena.


I also like to tweet encouraging quotes. People like to read something that lifts their spirits.


Another way to help people is to pass on helpful advice from other people. This is known as “retweeting.”


When someone mentions something interesting or says something compelling in a tweet, you can retweet it to the people who are following your Twitter stream.


If you’d like to learn more about Twitter, you might want to check out the replay from this webinar. (A word of caution that the fellow is a bit crude for my taste, but he knows what he’s talking about so it’s worth about an hour of your time.)


Once you know how to use Twitter for marketing, it will become part of your social media strategy template. you can use it and other social sites as part of a complete Internet strategy.



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