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Which Keywords Get Traffic?

If you are trying to make money on the Internet, you need to know which keywords get traffic. Many Internet marketers struggle trying to learn how to find keywords, which are phrases that people type into search engines. If you’re … Continue reading

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Starting a Business Checklist

Many people who go into business for themselves tend to get overwhelmed with the process. Internet marketing is a much simpler endeavor, but it still helps to have what I like to call a “starting a business checklist.” One of … Continue reading

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What Are Marketing Strategies For the Internet?

The other day, I heard a presentation that caused a question to pop into my head. The question was this: What are marketing strategies for the Internet?   Oddly enough, the presentation had nothing to do with Internet marketing, affiliate … Continue reading

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Avoiding Enemies of Internet Marketing

One of my Twitter friends, Denny Coates, has an interesting take on an old story. As I read it the other day, I thought of how part of his reasoning applies to many who are in Internet marketing. Coates wrote … Continue reading

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How to Use Twitter for Marketing Internet Strategy

These days, if you want your business to make money, you better have to have an Internet strategy. If you’re smart that strategy will include a plan on how to use Twitter for marketing.   Twitter is a great way … Continue reading

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Ways to Make Extra Cash with Internet Money-Making Ideas

The economic situation these days has everybody looking for ways to make extra cash. Many are trying to come up with Internet money-making ideas. The people who find success are the ones who treat their efforts as a business. They … Continue reading

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Video Marketing for Newbies

Many Internet marketers without much experience need a video marketing for newbies course to teach them about one of the best sources of online income. It might even help some with a lot of experience.   Here are a few … Continue reading

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What is PLR? Good Ways to Make Money

These days, nearly everyone is looking for good ways to make money. Many people are turning to the Internet, where sooner or later they hear about PLR. They all want to know, “What is PLR and can it help me … Continue reading

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