What is PLR? Good Ways to Make Money

what is plrThese days, nearly everyone is looking for good ways to make money. Many people are turning to the Internet, where sooner or later they hear about PLR. They all want to know, “What is PLR and can it help me make money?”


PLR is short for “private label rights.” It usually describes one or more articles that you can buy and use for your own benefit. In other words, you have the rights to the articles.


Of course, PLR can also be used to describe ebooks, videos, reports and other items, but most often it is applied to articles. Some even come with master resale rights.


You can use private label rights articles in multiple ways. Keep in mind, of course, that it’s probably best if you revise or rewrite them.


The articles are usually sold numerous times, so you want to change the content to fit your style. This has the added benefit of improving the articles and making them a better fit for your website or other way that you are using them.


So, you’re probably asking, “What is PLR good for?” Having the rights to use it in a variety of ways gives you the opportunity to make products that help you business. It is certainly one of the good ways to make money if you use it correctly.


The content can help your marketing efforts, including Internet marketing. If you’re familiar with the top Internet marketing toolbox, you probably know the importance of article marketing.


As an affiliate marketer, you can rewrite PLR and submit it to article directories for your article marketing efforts. Or you can revise the information so you can post it on your website or blog.


Of course, private label rights material can range from high quality to downright lousy. You’ll be able to rework some articles rather easily. Some pieces, however, will be only be useful for getting a few ideas.


What is PLR best used for? Product creation. With a little training you can learn how to turn private label rights material into a product and start an affiliate program with it. Good ways to make money take a little know-how, but if you’re willing to learn, it’s well worth the effort.


If you create your own product, you earn money from it, plus you’ll have affiliates who will promote it and make you even more profit.


Consider Mike Cowles. He has successfully created more than 30 top-notch products. Chances are you have a few of his products.


Good news. Mike’s did a free training event focusing on product creation with PLR. He even created a product and set up an affiliate program.


You can watch a replay here.



As usual, Mike over delivered with the training. After watching it, you’ll never again ask, “What is PLR?” He’ll demonstrate how it can be one of the good ways to make money.


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