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I've learned a lot since I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve bought a lot of training tools since I became an Internet Marketer. All of them had some value. I learned something from all of them. Some were, of course, better than others. Some I wished I had never bought. And some weren’t worth the money.

Then a friend told me about Wealthy Affiliate University. When he sent me a link to check it out, I was impressed. Many of the tools offered there were individually worth more than the entire membership fee. I knew from the minute I joined, that the only way I would fail was to quit or totally ignore the wealth of training available there.

Before I became an Internet Marketer, I spent more than 23 years as a journalist. Skepticism is ingrained in my being. I’ve looked at Wealthy Affiliate University from every angle I can imagine. Here’s how I think it stacks up in the four most important features of a good Internet marketing training program.

1. A complete training system. WA offers training in article marketing, email marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization and research. It has tools to help with keyword research, web site building, niche research, article writing and other aspects of Internet Marketing. It also has free web hosting and an easy method of making WordPress sites. WA also has an active forum where community members and WA leaders gladly help those who need it.

In this area, I’d give WA high marks. It helps you become a complete network marketer. You grow as your business grows.

2. Trainers who are already successful in Internet marketing. The two owners of WA, Kyle and Carson have both been making full-time income online for the past six years. They offer one-on-one support. The site also has a host of other knowledgeable teachers.

I will say that it took me a while to find my way through all the information to connect with the support system. Once I learned my way around, however, the folks at WA have been extremely helpful. Someone once told me that I would likely make as much money as the five people closest to me. That’s why I spend as much time on the WA site and in the forum as possible.

3. The training should be interactive. WA excels in this area. You can send the owners a private message with a question or get help in the forums. When I’ve needed help in an area, someone’s always there to offer guidance.

The trainers and leaders at WA gladly give feedback and encouragement. The forum exchanges at WA have made me a confident Internet marketer.

4. You should be able to work at your own pace. The online training modules at WA allow people to take a break and come back to them if needed. The people offer you encouragement, but understand if your life gets busy. I’ve always gotten all the support I need.

As good as the folks at WA are, they can’t make you do the work you need to do. I sometimes wish someone would give me a kick in the pants, but that’s not the purpose of a training program. They help me be accountable to myself and in the long run it’s making me a better businessman and a better person.

So overall, I’d say Wealthy Affiliate University is by far the best Internet marketing training program I’ve found. I highly recommend it.