Make a Money-Making Web Page – Why Use WordPress?

Many Internet Marketers are asking, “Why use WordPress?” The answer: because it’s the simplest way to make a money-making web page.

WordPress has been around for quite a while. It has been used primarily to make blogs, but more and more online marketers are finding out the advantages of using it to make a website.

Search engines treat WordPress sites favorably. Matt Cutts, the head of the Web Spam Team at Google, said at a conference last year that WordPress takes care of 80 to 90 percent of the mechanics needed for search engine optimization (SEO).

“Wordpress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues,” Cutts said.

Proper SEO makes it easy for the search engines to find your site. Why not make your web site using a tool that already has most of those issues covered.

Scott Jason at SiteProNews says WordPress makes SEO “quick, cheap and easy.”

“Google has a thing for dynamic content and lots of it. And it doesn’t get much better than WordPress when it comes to making Google happy,” Jason said. “You don’t have to know a lot about SEO because WordPress sets you up to naturally take advantage of what Google likes.”

WordPress also lets you build a website for long term success.

Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, points out that Internet Marketing has changed over the past few years. Now you need a website and how you create that website matters.

To create a successful website, Kyle suggests looking at your site through the eyes of the people to whom you are marketing.

“If you visit your site through a ‘visitors’ eyes and you like the experience you are receiving, then chances are Google will like it too,” he said. “Be honest with yourself … or better yet, get a friend or family member to review your site for you.”

Kyle recommends building your site for people, not search engines.

“To build these “PEOPLE” sites, sites that will last, sites that will succeed, and sites that will have longevity I would recommend nothing else than WordPress,” he said. “WordPress sites are great because they follow the RULES that make a site good for SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Articles, and ultimately appeal to Google.”

Make a website with WordPress can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never done that type of thing before. Fortunately, there are ways of simplifying the process.

Kyle spent an hour setting up and creating content for a WordPress site that got more than 10 natural search listings. He used a tool called WordPress Express.

“An absolute newbie could set something like this up using WordPress Express, our latest and greatest system included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership,” he said. “Once you have that site in place that Google will adore, the sky is the limit.”

If you want to make a money-making web page, don’t ask, “Why use WordPress?” Instead ask yourself why you’d want to use anything else.

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Search Engine Optimization Tutorials — How to Increase Web Traffic

Internet Marketers are constantly searching for top-notch search engine optimization tutorials. They know their success often depends on knowing how to increase web traffic.

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is knowing how to set up your web site so search engines find it easily, increasing the chances that it will be ranked higher. Higher rankings mean more visitors, which lead to more sales.

SEO, therefore, is in many ways the most important step in creating a successful web site. Knowing how to optimize your site for search engines is one of the most sought after skills in online marketing. Here are three factors to consider when looking for an SEO tutorial.

First, make sure it has good teachers. You want trainers who have built web sites that regularly rank high in Google, Bing and other search engines. They should be able to show you those sites and the keywords for which they rank.

Those who are teaching the SEO tactics should also be personable people who can easily get their points across to those who are learning. It will do no good if the person is full of knowledge if he or she doesn’t know how to share it with other people.

Second, find a search engine optimization tutorial that allows you to ask questions. You want to be able to interact with the Internet marketing leaders who are doing the training. When you don’t know what something means, you need to be able to seek clarification and get it.

The tutorial program will be even better if it is backed up by a forum with active discussion about SEO strategies. A helpful community will give you various ways to learn.

Third, a good SEO tutorial will include teachers and fellow learners who are encouraging and supportive. You don’t want to be left with partial knowledge that will force you to figure the rest out for yourself.

You want people who care about whether you succeed or fail. You need people who will pick you up when you’re struggling and help you focus when the path gets blurry.

Make sure you find good search engine optimization tutorials that will ultimately help you learn how to increase web traffic and move you toward a successful Internet marketing career.

I’ve learned a lot about SEO from this Internet marketing community. For more information, take a look at my review.

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Internet Marketing Tutorial – Treat it like a Business

If you’re trying to make money online, chances are good that you’re looking for an Internet marketing tutorial. If I could only give you five words of advice, here’s what they’d be: Treat it like a business.

Many people get into Internet marketing because they think it’s going to be easy. They’ll put up a few web sites and the cash will start rolling in. It never works that way, of course. After all, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

If you’re serious about making money online, here’s three clear-cut strategies for a successful business.

First, invest time. Realize up front that you’re going to have to spend more than a couple of hours to get your Internet marketing business up and running.

One of the best ways to make sure you spend enough time on your business is to set up a schedule. Set a specific time that you’re going to spend on your business every day. If you can’t do it every day, schedule time every other day or three days a week. Do whatever it takes to be sure you’ll be in front of the computer working at those appointed times.

Second, invest effort. Know that you’re probably going to have to learn some new skills. Put aside your preconceived notions. Open your mind to fresh possibilities.

If you’re having trouble getting over your existing mindset, consider where it has gotten you. Is your life all you want it to be? If not, embrace the potential of a thriving Internet marketing business.

Third, invest money. This might be difficult at first. You probably started your business because you need more income.

Here’s one possibility. Start learning all you can about web-based businesses at free sites like the one you’re on now. Pick up all the tips and strategies you can and put them to use as soon as possible.

Make a commitment to put some of the money you make back into your business. One of your best investments will be a training program where you can get a complete education in online business strategies.

When I first started my online business, I was using a hodge-podge of websites in an effort to learn how to make money. Once I made a commitment to success, however, I invested in what I have found to be the top Internet marketing toolbox.

Reading an Internet marketing tutorial like this one will help you, but your real success will come when you treat your online business like a business .

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How to do Keyword Research – Using right tools the right way

If you want to be a successful Internet marketer, you’d better learn how to do keyword research. Unfortunately some people make it a lot harder than it is.

As always, one key is having the right Internet marketing tools. When you have the right tools and use them correctly, you’ll accomplish your task. First, let’s talk about tools. Then we’ll discuss how to use them.

The top search engines both have free keyword tools. The Google keyword tool will give you the latest results from the largest search engine. It can be a little complex for new Internet marketers, but it’s well worth using.

Microsoft’s Bing keyword tools will give you a wide variety of information. It’s useful because it can help you discover the relationship between keywords and potential customers.

The tool I use most often is the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. It’s just one of the tools available in the paid community at Wealthy Affiliate. It lets you analyze keywords more deeply than the search engine tools.

The WA tool gives you information that lets you immediately determine a keyword’s power for article marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. It lets you spy on your competitor’s ads and find out how much competition you’ll have for a keyword. You can also save, store and reuse keyword lists.

Knowing how to do keyword research is more than just using tools though. None of them will be worth anything if you don’t use the powerful tool you have — your mind.

You need to understand that even if a keyword has a high number of searches and low competition, it’s useless if it doesn’t help you attract the right people to your article or website. You need a term that is relevant for people looking for the products or services you promote.

Think of it this way – if you have a Ford dealership, you’d certainly rather have 10 customers who are looking for a Ford than 100 customers who are looking for a Chevrolet. And it’d be even better if the 10 Ford customers were looking for the exact model and color of cars you have on the lot.

Similarly, if you have a website that promotes guitars, a keyword like guitars wouldn’t be nearly targeted enough to attract potential buyers. But, people who search for Martin DXM acoustic six-string guitars are probably much more likely to purchase a guitar.

The key is to start with a wide ranging subject and narrow it down until you arrive at a term that has at least three words, gets at least 50 searches a month and applies specifically to the product or service you promote.

If you’re starting out and can’t invest much money in your business right now, I’d suggest using the free keyword tools to learn how to do keyword research. Before long, however, you’d do well to invest in a more thorough method of keyword research.

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